Colletto Blu is a full-service production and design
company focused to meet the needs of your business.
Creative. Passionate. Reliable.

Our Company

Our company was born from the desire to supply a one-stop digital media design and production house.

Colletto Blu is a collaborative of highly skilled and talented individual artists and designers meeting that goal of a one-stop shop while consistently pushing our limits to produce images and messages that provoke, entertain and, ultimately, endure.

Over 10 years of experience and successful campaigns have proven the reliability of Colletto Blu, and our ability to meet the demands of any business. We are committed to unfolding a client’s true brand potential and ultimately improving their bottom line. We know this means hard work, collaboration, communication, pinpointing and understanding a client’s individual needs, and developing unique and tailored brand solutions. The key is efficiently producing high quality digital media marketing content, which we are able to provide through animation, print, typography, video and editing services. We aim to go beyond the norm by seeking out, adapting to, and consistently utilizing, the most advanced technology available.

We’re the blue collar guys with the business suit product.

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The Goods

The Principals

Adam Robinson, CEO

Adam RobinsonFollowing college graduation, Adam immediately went on to pursue a career in animation and digital production. Adam has created and managed all levels of animation for venues including Times Square as well as professional sports stadiums such as MetLifeStadium (Jets & Giants), Rodgers Centre (Toronto Blue Jays) and many others. Adam is currently CEO of Colletto Blu LLC and a founding partner of Advantage Marketing LLC, his professional experience has helped shape Colletto Blu into a successful full-service design and production house. Contact Adam

Jackie Fischer, CFO

Jackie graduated from University of South Florida with degrees in finance and accounting. She has been involved with Colletto Blu since the inception several years ago in 2004. Acting as our chief financial officer, she has been the backbone of our business, making certain the finances are always in order. Not only does Jackie know her numbers, she is also extremely organized and creative and brings that creative energy to the work we deliver on a regular basis. Contact Jackie